Information Security Consultant with flair for people and organisations

If you think technology can solve your security problems, then you don’t understand the problems and you don’t understand the technology.(Bruce Schneier)

If this rings true, you might like to work with us. We are looking for a Security Consultant who can help our client organisations understand their security problems and support them in designing and implementing the best solutions. 


About us

As a consultancy house with over 16 years of experience, information security is not just a service we provide, but a commitment to our clients. Our headquarters are in the heart of Jutland, but our clients are private and public organisations in the whole of Denmark, for whom information security and confidentiality are top priorities. 
We are a team of consultants who have transformed our passion for IT security into our job, and we are keen on doing things properly.  In terms of skillset, we combine strong technical background and sound understanding of organisational strategy. We are always looking to grow and better support our clients – and that is where you come in the picture.

About the job

You will be strengthening our work with information security in our client organisations, working with both top management (CEOs), and IT managers. On a typical day on the job, you will handle tasks like: 

  • Evaluation and assessment of security systems, threats, vulnerabilities 
  • Conducting risk assessments in collaboration with our clients, elaborating risk assessment reports and recommendations
  • Resolving client concerns by investigating problems, proposing solutions and making recommendations to appropriate personnel (IT department or top management).
  • Writing and reviewing security policies, assisting clients with formulation of other security regulations
  • Developing new clients (networking, awareness, calls, follow-up), and fostering relations with existing clients (support, monitoring, promoting new solutions).

You will be collaborating with our technical team in delivering and implementing security solutions. 

We are a growing company, and in this position, you have the chance to make your mark on both the company and your career. There is plenty of room for personal and professional development. You will take part in our internal Dialoquium training programme, and have the opportunity to undertake external certifications. 

About you

You probably have a background in information technology, computer science, or data science. You may also have a ‘softer’ background in social sciences or business management, coupled with a strong interest in technology, and how it impacts the business, and some work experience to vouch for this.

Regardless of your background, you have a strong analytical mindset and problem solving skills, and good knowledge of organisational strategy. You will need these to understand a client’s business, conduct risk analysis to uncover vulnerabilities and treats, and tailor-make security solutions. 

You are a skilled communicator, both in writing and orally. You are able to deliver complex messages in clear, simplified ways. You will be writing documentation and communicating with both CEOs and technical staff, so you should be able to speak both ‘languages’, and know how to make complex matters comprehensible for none experts.

You don’t need a track record in information security, but it is a big plus if, for you, ‘CIA’ doesn’t just stand for ‘Central Intelligence Agency’; also a plus if you have already worked with quality management systems like ISO 9001, or information security management systems like ISO 27001. 

You are fluent in English, both orally and in writing.

You are independent and self-driven in your work, but you are essentially a team player. We know, virtually everyone writes things like these in a job ad, but it is an important thing here, because it defines our work culture. We place a lot of value on learning from each other, and we collaborate to deliver the best for the client. 

How to apply

If you like what you just read and nodded in agreement, we would like to hear back from you. Send us your CV and a brief letter telling us why you are applying at, as soon as possible. Feel free to give us call at 70 26 09 80, and have a talk with our manager Pauli Laursen about the position.

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